Pylot pyro

Pylot Pyro is a red pyro freak made by user lillylyi


Pylot Pyro is a Red Pyro with the Boron Beanie, the Space Diver, a Gas Guzzler, a Head Full of Hot Air, a death support system, and a PY-40 Incindibot. he also wears a gas guzzler with 2 scorch shots facing downward as a jet pack.


Pylot Pyro was a mechanical automaton who was created to fly the prototype U-2 Spy plane. he had crash landed and had no idea what to do, but when he wandered upon a scrap yard, he knew how to get back to civilization. He made some major upgrades to himself to be able to fly home.

while he was upgrading himself, he stumbled upon a way to make himself float as if he was in a zero gravity environment. he also decided for some reason to modify 2 shortstops he found into a pair of 4 shot flare guns. Which he called his "handheld hellraisers"

when he returned back to the U.S, he saw the ginormous conflict between red and blu. He went into hiding to avoid being captured and turned into a killing machine. he hid so long he went covered in rust for 2 years, until one day a friendly blu femscout found him and "Revived" him. he has been close friends with that femscout, working together to bring peace to the Mannco. war.


Pylot Pyro has the abilitiy to float as if he is in a zero gravity environment. this along with his jetpack and chopper blades allows him to stay in the air for days at a time.

his handheld hellraisers can be used to unleash a huge blast of fire at enemies. they are also helpful for navigating very tight spaces. his short stop flare guns can unleash a small barage of flares at an enemy with a fairly adequate reload time.


Since he can fly aroung with ease. it is nearly essential to keep him on the ground

Even thought he is agile and can dodge most attacks, he could be mortally wounded from a crawket.