Type Alien/Sun God
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Ranged and Melee
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Sun Beam
Alien Weaponry
Status Deceased
Occupation Egyptian God
Subordinates Possessed Spies

Ra is a ORG Medic Freak, He is based off of the Alien Ra from the famous movie Stargate.


Ra was originally a alien, 1000 years ago Ra crashed down on a some weird planet. The Alien was overpowered by a Egyptian God, That killed the Alien. Later Ra woken up and took over the Egyption God making the God his own king. Ra, chosen by the Aliens name died by 4 Humans during Ra taken off into Space and a Bomb blowing up in his face. To this day Aliens roam the TF2 Freak World.

Personality and Behavior

Ra is very strict and demanding, He'd often tell Jokes to humans. If they don't answer correctly or don't answer at all Ra will execute them. Ra is considered Evil for taking over the strange Planet and Earth.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength - Ra has enormous strength, doing a lot of damage to his foe.
  • Sun Beam - Ra takes all the Energy from the Sun turning it into a large bright beam, eliminating his foe.
  • Alien Weaponry - Ra has the weapons of Aliens.

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