"I. AM. RRHRHHRRasmas!!"
Rhasmas' intro
Creator Swiff (concept)
AnaidonSoul (other concepts)
Creation March 15, 2014
Type Prankster
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Happy
Fighting style Ranged (magic)
Melee (wand)
Abilities Magic Powers
Usage of Wand as a Melee Weapon
The Bombybomb
Status Alive, attempted to be killed multiple times
Occupation The unknown brother of Merasmus
Allies The Bombybomb
Enemies Soldiers
Rhasmas is a Merasmus TF2 Freak created by Swiff and AnaidonSoul.

Appearence and Personality

Rhasmas takes the form of Merasmus, but instead wears a Dapper Topper painted in an Air of Debonair (RED variant of the paint,) and a random look on his face. Rhasmas also carries a smaller version of Merasmus' staff, but is more like a wand. The wand also has a bar of Australium, that is only meant for show, sometimes it is used for emergency purposes only.

In terms of personality and behavior, Rhasmus is very random, and has a very jokey/prankster feel to him since he loves to play jokes on people.

Powers and Abilities (TBE)


Faults and Weaknesses (TBE)


The Bombybomb

Rhasmas telling the person who angers the Bombybomb

The Bombybomb is a Bombinomicon wearing the Security Shades, and a companion to Rhasmus. Similar the Bombinomicon, The Bombybomb is a chill creature, but can sometimes be easy to anger.


  • Rhasmas is the first Merasmus TF2 Freak ever created.
  • Rhasmas was originally a random idea by Swiff, but AnaidonSoul came up with the ideas to make him into a freak in abilities and name.

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