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Rotten Turnip
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Evil


Fighting style Melee
Abilities High Durability
Highly Foul Odor
Weaknesses Stone Walls (Freak Type)

The Undead

Status Alive
Occupation Constantly on the Run
Enemies Vonguard


Rotten Turnip is a red Shinobi Heavy freak made by user Captain Huzan

His theme is a Nightcore Instrumental version of Animal i have become

Appearance and Personality

Rotten Turnip is a foul player, cheating with cheap tactics and taking up air to replace it with his bad odor. Showers don't help it, which makes him even more of a stinker than he already is.

Powers and Abilitys

Double Katana's: Rotten Turnip wields two katanas which he uses to kill helpless mercenaries

Inhuman Foul Body Odor: Aside from his name. Rotten Turnip smells highly Rotten, like a decomposing body, worse smelling than a zombie. It isn't describable because others throw up at the memory of it

Infectious Bite: Rotten Turnip somtimes bites his prey, leaving their arm, leg, whatever it is (Even their weapon, starting to rot, don't worry, rubbing warm water with aloe/salt cures it instantly)


Little is known currently about Rotten Turnip's past. But he is being hunted by Vonguard who is a self appointed freak "follower" (Follows them everywhere, constantly fighting them, not a freak hunter though).

His Odor destroyed Hase's love for vegetable's though.... making Von very angry at him


Rotten Turnip is bad against Stone Wall type freaks

Being caged/trapped makes him go beserk, losing control of his simple mind of killing everyone (Trying) he meets and will go bulwark on friend or foe.


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