Rouge (Sogiita)
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Human / Bio Weapon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Abilities COPD Infection
Skin/Cosmetic Copy
Nemesis Form
Weaknesses Is a coward
Status Undead
Occupation Making SIlence have a "Hug" emotion
Subordinates Snow
Allies Silence

Blu Scoutit
Marauder Vye (Murderer)

Rouge or Sogiita is a BLK Scout made by Captain Huzan

His theme is:


(Silent Night) ((Coming Soon))

Rouge was a normal Scout who unexpectedly met a man named "Mardurer" who he unknowingly had a made a dangerous friend. Mardurer had multiple records of Insanity, Delusion, and PSD and multiple attemped suicide.

Rouge was later "murdered" by him from one of his Delusion spree's, acidently punching Rouge too hard, hitting a wall and breaking his neck. Mardurer then tried to "finish" the job, even though Rouge was in fact still alive, by smash his neck with a shovel but failed.

Rouge came back from the dead 45 Years later and was confused on who he really was until he saw Mardurers mug shot on a wanted sign, he had broken out of jail 20 years before after walking into wedding and viciously murdered everyone with a Axe on display.

Appearance and Personality

Rouge wears a clean white Face Plante, The Coat of the wolves and a Black Flipped Turby

He has black hair that cloaks when he has his mask on, his normal eyes are green

Rouge usually cowers in the dark away from others, constantly jeering at himself on how unattractive he is and that nobody wants be with him

Rouge has a major crush on Silence and really wants to marry her

Powers and Abilitys

Rouge is able to stay very silent when moving

He is able to give people COPD with his hands (When he feels threatend his hands will turn greyish) making them choke on their own breath and struggle for air.

Rouge can copy other freaks unique skins, not changing form though, as well as his hat and mask becoming what ever his target is wearing, his voice doesnt change. Note: He has to touch the person.

Rouge's nemises form takes on the appearance of anyone's fears (Not on his side) (15)

Nemesis Mode - In this state anyone who looks at him will see their greatest fear in his place

Faults and Weaknesses

Rouge is very shy and wont attack even if he is threatend, which he doesnt really ever take any motive as a threat


  • Rouge is a combination of Dust, Anji, Infector and Bonerivet

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