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Ooh! Ooh! Yeah! (x3)


Gosh! He's pretty depressed for a killer.

He's a sad, murderous dad.

He got no respect from his family.

His wife does drugs, and his children die.

He's a sad, really sad.

He's a sad, sad dad and he wants to kill himself.

But instead of killing himself, he end up being a murderer.

He kicks OmegaMario89's ass while fucking his computer.

And he'll sent him to hell. That's how he do it.

He went to YouTube to get some subscribers.

But sadly, everyone hates him.

Then he went to Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt.

And the same thing always happens.

He's a sad, murderous dad.

Press the left mouse button to cry.

No guns nor Xanax can possibly work.

Because he's straight-up sad.

When he's starts thinking about the stuff he likes.

He wants alcohol, guns, or drugs.

No matter which one he chooses.

He always end up being depressed.

Sometimes, he likes to use words like "die" or "kill".

Because as I told you, he's a murder.

Don't forget his goddamn phone number.

Because he's here to fucking kill you.

He's a sad, murderous dad.

He hates his own family for no good reason.

But I don't know what's the real reasons he's doing that.

He always end up being pissed off.

A sad, murderous dad. (x3)



He's a fucked-up dad and I can't believe what's going on.

Is this going to be the end of this song?

No there is one more we're dealing with.

And it's going to be epic.

Then the dad himself faces his final victim.

Which is none other than THG himself.

But what shall we do about him?

He should go to hell if he want to!

Ooh! Ooh! Yeah! (x3)


I think I'm gonna kill myself!

And then the sad, murderous dad finally kills himself.

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