Creator MasMustacheo
Creation October 25, 2015
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Sadist
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Dominator Form
Paralyzing Grip
Weaknesses Prolonged separation from his Disciplinary Action
Status Alive
Occupation Serial Dominator

Sadoldier is a BLK Soldier TF2 freak made by youtube user MasMustacheo.

His theme is Mary Celeste - Kevin MacLeod.


Sadoldier is a default BLK soldier without his helmet or grenades.


Once a RED Soldier, Sadoldier fell in love with the team's Female Scout. Unfortunately, like many other Soldiers, Sadoldier was forced to follow the Soldier's Code. A strict series of rules that every Soldier must follow. One of these rules forbade romantic relationships with a teammate. For years, the Female Scout taunted and teased Sadoldier, knowing that he couldn't do anything.

One day, while fighting on cp_egypy_final, Sadoldier stumbled across a secret room. Upon investigating, he discovered a Disciplinary Action. Believing that it was an ordinary weapon, Sadoldier picked it up. Once he touched it, he became consumed by the a mysterious power and passed out. Once Sadoldier regained consciousness, he noticed that his RED uniform was now BLK. Upon discovering his new abilities, Sadolider decided to return to the base.

Once Sadoldier encountered the Female Scout, he chose to break the Soldier's Code and "dominated" her. After that, Sadoldier felt liberated and decided to leave the RED team and search for other victims to "dominate".

Personality and Behavior

No longer restrained to the Soldier's Code, Sadoldier now lives the way he chooses to live. Whenever, Sadoldier "dominates" a victim, he gets an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

When Sadoldier finds a potential victim, he would wait for his victim to be alone before introducing himself. Whether or not the victim responds, Sadoldier pulls out his Disciplinary Action and charges at them. After "dominating" his victim, Sadoldier would thank them before moving on to find another victim.

While seen as a fiend by everyone, Sadoldier actually has standards when it comes to his victims.

  1. No children
  2. Humans only (but he does accepts certain humanoids)

Powers and Abilities

When Sadoldier first made contact with his Disciplinary Action, he was embedded with it's powers.

Sadoldier is faster than a Scout, even if that scout has a Bonk.

Sadoldier has a paralysis attack called. If he is ever overwhelmed by someone, Sadoldier would shout: "NUMB NUTS" then grabs the freak's weak spot, temporally paralyzing them.

If Sadoldier faces against powerful freaks, he can harness the Disciplinary Action's power to activate his Dominator Form. Once activated, Sadoldier's suit turns to a dark red and his eye roll to the back of his head. With this, he's even more faster and more durable.

Faults and Weaknesses

Sadoldier's power stems from his Disciplinary Action. If he's ever separated from the Disciplinary Action long enough, his powers will start to fade and he would revert back into a normal soldier again.

Sadoldier has the same durability and strength as a regular Soldier.

While in his Dominator Form, Sadoldier follows his instincts rather than reason. This makes him vulnerable to any traps or tricks.

Video Appearances


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