Sandbutt Fishcake
Sandbutt fishckace V2
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Belligerent
Hostile/Angry (when meeting people in his territory)
Fighting style Various
Abilities Slide
Hammer Usuage
Rage Mode
Enhanced Strength
Status Alive
Occupation Serial killer

"I am Sandbutt Fishcake... I will squash you!"

Sandbutt Fishcakes catchphrase.

Sandbutt Fishcake is a BWN heavy freak created by steam and soon-to-be YouTube user: DENSTIFY1 He is also another Painis cupcake knockoff.

His theme is Angry Aztec caves from Donkey Kong 64.

His rage theme is Wizpig race from Diddy Kong racing.

Appearance and personality

Sandbutt Fishcake is a BWN heavy freak wearing the Cadaver's cranium. He is almost always seen with a necro smasher.

Sandbutt is far more psychotic and ill-tempered than other Painis knockoffs, tending to brutally beat his victims to death.

Weapons and abilities

  • Just like Painis and all his knockoffs, he can slide across the ground at high speeds. However when Sandbutt slides, he makes the sound of a tomisav revving.
  • Another attribute similar to most Painis cupcake knockoffs is his superhuman strength and durability. He is able to lift busses and take point-blank gunfire like it was nothing.
  • While his hammer looks like a piece of wood, it's actually much stronger than that, as it can break jaws is one swing and knock rockets out of the air.
  • To add to his psychotic nature, he is powered up in places that smell like rotten flesh.
  • His most powerful ability is his rage mode, which he normally activates when he angry or severally wounded. When this is activated, his hammer becomes much larger, he gains a yellow crit effect around him, and a yellow glow in his eyes. As well as improved agility, he also gains a deafening scream, making just about anyone grab their ears, leaving them vulnerable.
Sandbutt fishcake rage

Sandbutts rage mode.

Faults and weaknesses

  • His temper normally gets the better of him, making it easy to outsmart him.
  • His enlarged forehead can severally damage him if struck, and it is still vulnerable in his rage mode.
  • Foes who are deaf or have extreme ear protection are unaffected by his scream, rendering it useless.
  • For reason currently unexplained, he cannot go three weeks without "squashing" someone. He will start to age rapidly, and eventually die.


  • His name came about when DENSTIFY1 wanted to make a Painis cupcake knockoff with the most ridiculous name (Therefore having to beat Soupcock porkpie.)

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