Scapel (2)
Creator Captain Huzan
Debut Scapel cuts someone'
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malviolent
Fighting style Ranged/Melee
Abilities High Speed

Rocket Launcher (Discarded when turning)
Doom Box
Saw Blade that can change sizes

Weaknesses Stronger Freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Cannibal
Enemies Anyone who is too strong

Scapel is a Violent WHT Spy made by Captain Huzan

His theme is:

His Rage Theme is:


Scapels Appearance

Powers And Ability's

  • High Speed: Scapel's speed is beyond a normal mercs speed, filled with rage, beware
  • Doom Box: Scapel's "Shadow mode" gives him access to a black box with gold code on it, upon activating he gains unremarkable items, including small saw blade(s) that can change size at random
  • Doom Blade: A black Blade that can stun most freaks temporarily but does no physical damage itself

Faults and Weaknesses

Scapel is damaged easily by "upped weapons"

Participants Result
Scapel vs Medicmann Win

Freak Fortress 2 Look-a-like

A exact skin/class copy of Scapel was made for FF2 under the name "???", possessing the same sudden speed boost ability, but was confirmed to be a skin error. The model is supposed to be Black like a shadow.

Team Fortress 2 Freak Fortress 2 (??? Gameplay)

Team Fortress 2 Freak Fortress 2 (??? Gameplay)

Credits (For Linka's false claims)

  • Concept and Skin is made by me

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