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Scout-Eater (Idea)

"``I will eat your soul, your sandviches, and your bonks!"

— Scout-Eater´s catchphrase (At least for him)

The Scout Eater is a RED Zombie Scout created by TheSlenderMan003.

His theme is Nightmare´s Theme - Metroid Fusion


The Scout Eater appears as a RED VooDoo Cursed Soul Scout with a hood and a shirt. He also has a white hockey mask.

Weapons and Habilities.

He always use his Sandman. This Sandman can turn every normal mercenary into a sandvich or a Bonk!.He can teleport to any map and he is five times faster than a normal Scout. He can resurrect after being killed by the most of the Freaks.


The Scout Eater was a RED Scout working on a unknown map. He was famous for his inhuman like to every kind of food. He often stole Heavie´s sandviches. But one day, the RED Medic was making a experiment in the laboratory. For unknown reasons, he deposited the substance in a Bonk!. Of course, the Scout, the Scout saw the drink and he drank it. After that decision, he turned into a horrible zombie mutant and he killed all his team, the other team, and destroyed the entire map.

After realizing what he had done, he decided to abandon the map and try to forget his past. While he eats all the souls, sandviches and bonks he founds.


Scout-Eater is not very different to the other Scouts. He is more intelligent and serious than the other Scouts. He is very quiet but at the same time, he behaves very wildly and violently when he is on the battle field.


Originally, the Scout-Eater was going to form part of a group of evil and deformed Freaks gang called "BadFaces Gang´´. The idea was scrapped.


Scout-Eater after a slaughter

Scout-Eater after a massacre


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