Not to be confused with Scoutit.

2015-09-17 00017
Creator Fancymann
Debut (Concept)
Type Mutant
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Lone Ranger
Fighting style Mid-Range
Abilities Hand Slam
Siesmic Flick
Bone Smasher
Last Resort
Weaknesses Cockiness Mercy
Status Alive
Allies Titangineer
Enemies Medititan
Sgt. Magitan
Scoutitan is a Concept RED Scout Freak Concept created by Fancymann.

His theme is Super Mario RPG-Forest Maze


Scoutitan is a RED Scout with enlarged hands, a Track Terrorizer, Planeswalker Goggles, Black Painted Essential Accessories, and The Digit Divulger

Personality and Behavior

Scoutitan is a Lone Ranger, he would rather be left alone, but he is happy to take on a fight. He never fights people on the intention of killing, but as a way to get his point around that he would like to be left alone. He usually hangs around Lumberyard, Borneo, and Suijin.

Powers and Abilities

Scoutitan has unnatural strength, being able to throw trucks, he also is fast to react.


With this Scoutitan has a moveset that he uses to fight his opponent:

  • Hand Slam:Scoutitan leaps into the air and smashes the ground with his hand, doing damage in a small area.
  • Siesmic Flick:Scoutitan flicks the Enemy, sending him/her a good distance.
  • Bone Smasher:Scoutitan does a strong punch, 
    • Scoutitan using Bone Smasher to destroy Painis' ribs.
    • Scoutitan objectively using Hand Slam to knock Weaselcake down.
    • Scoutitan using Last Resort to end the live of a unspecified Heavy Freak.
    • Scoutitan using Seismic Flick to blow Vagineer away.
    packing forces strong enough to break ribs.
  • Last Resort:All Titans have this ability, but have different effects on the enemy and can only be used if near death,Scoutitian explodes, sending supersonic sound waves that can reach a huge area, these sound waves 
  • are loud enough to make a normal persons head explode, and sends the enemy far back.

Faults and Weaknesses

Scoutitan is usually cocky, and will fight off someone who is stronger than him.He is also merciful, this can be used to take an advantage of him.


  • Scoutitan is not based on Attack on Titan, the Creator admits that he has never seen the series before.
  • Though RED, Scoutitan has no team orientation.


  • A better concept picture of him.
  • A Video of him.

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