Scyren is a BLK Female Scout TF2 Freak created by Scarifar1.


Scyren wears a Tron-like suit along with a black Madame Dixie. She also wields a Big Earner knife and a Silent Six Shooter.

Scyren is one of Mastermind's assassins, luring in unsuspecting victims, then killing them when they're close enough. She often flirts with other men, whether on BLU or RED, but usually leaves when they bore her.

Powers and Abilities

Scyren has the power of suggestion, which is not exactly mind control, but the victim will still do what she says with little to no resistance, and with little memory once the task is complete. She is capable of sticking to walls and ceilings like Climber, and can backstab with her knife. She is just as quick and agile as any other scout, if not more so. There is an extra hidden blade in her rim of her Madame Dixie hat to catch an enemy unaware if she is disarmed (but she cannot throw the hat like a frisbee).

Faults and Weaknesses

Her suggestion power will not work on other females, non-humans, Freaks from her home dimension, and Pyros. She is only as durable as a regular scout.