"SeS!"-The Catchphrase of The Ses Spy

The SeS Spy is the notoriously idiotic leader of The Gang of SES(Specialy Entitled Snobs) and a common trouble-maker in New Meridian

His theme is The I'm A ****** Song by The Mongrels

SeS Spy
Creator Retro Ace
Creation June 25th 2013
Type Smeckshual Spaps
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Perverted
Complete idiot
Fighting style Nonsensical
Abilities floating, cloaked abilities, Stu Pidface-like powers
Weaknesses liver (weak spot)
Status Alive
Occupation Leader of the Gang of SES
Superiors anyone willing to hire
Subordinates Demo-SeS
Heavy Weapons SeS
Doctor SeS
Enemies Retro Ace


The SeS Spy and his gang of goons are one of the first paid-to-play tf2 gamers back in 2007, who became so arrogant of their origins began to push around others across Teufort Severs around the world F2P and P2P alike, which later lead to them getting permabanned. They later immagrated to the Betatropolis causing trouble in the streets and parks, ussaly hired by the other evil freaks to stall during their escapades. The SeS Spy himself is idiotic unfunny often flirting with young women, mug and  steal TF2 items from anyone (especially stranges and unussuals) and ear-rape snorting in the most peaceful places (libraries, city parks, memorials) just to pick a fights.



"oh FACK you!"

"Dat ass. HA-AH!"

"here's what I have what you don't have what I have what you don't. A functioning DIC. (ear rape) HAHAHAHA!"


"Ass! Slap it now! YeeY!"

"Ooooo~ I feel tres bon!"


  • The Inspiration for SeS Spy came from Oulapplayer's video "Hydro Hinderances"

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