Shadow Engi
Creator MrGameAnalyst
Creation 1 November 2015 (concept)
Type Shadow Enity
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Belligerent, strict
Fighting style Various
Abilities Inhuman Strength
Reality Distortion
Dream Manipulation
Status Alive
Occupation Causing Chaos In The Dream World
Plotting revenge
Allies Harbinger (possibly)
Light Engi
Enemies Light Engi

Shadow Engi is a BLK Engineer TF2 Freak created by Steam user MrGameAnalyst.


Shadow Engi appears as a default Engineer but colored completely black.

Personality and Behavior

Shadow Engi is neutral in some ways, all he wants to do Is cause chaos and destroy everything that's living. He is very similar to Slender Mann and Harbinger. He has a good counterpart named Light Engi, they both want to destroy each other mostly


  • Shadow Engi is very similar to Spy Krueger
  • Shadow Engi was the Creator's first idea but didn't work out very well.

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