Replica (1)
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Shapeshifter
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Depends
Fighting style Melee/Ranged
Abilities Invisibility
Constantly changing colors
Weaknesses Knockback
Occupation Constantly Changing Colors or hiding in plain sight
Superiors Replica

Shadow Replica is a multi colored freak made by Captain Huzan

He is the counterpart of Replica from Earth 29034


Shadow Replica, unlike his counterpart Replica is pure maleviolent but smart about his moves and will act quietly to gettings his job done.


When not changing colors. Shadow Replica likes to appear as a yellow iced medic with white gloves and a seemingly red pupil eyes though he can change colors for diffrent traits as well as developing weaknesses

Powers And Abilitys

Invisibility: Shadow Replica is a invisible being. Who only comes out of hiding after fully recovering or a stealth attack. He usually sleeps in this mode. He is still sensable by anyone. Shadow cant do much in this form

Multi-Swap: Shadow Replica can change forms like his counterpart. but not different classes itself. Only colors in Medic form. He is able to turn to liquid in his PRL ice form and can be drinken

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Fire makes Replica forcefully turn to cloak mode, rendering him helpless in some ways, meaning he cant change shape or color, as it's a easier escape route. Shadow Replica doesn't take kindly to defeat. Furthering this fault.
  • Acid: Acid Guns make Replica go balistic, swaping through shapes and colors uncontrollably. Making him a easy find to anything
  • Nitrogen: This can slow down Replica greatly and even a possible frozen prison death. Ice also works but only freezes him
  • Crossing over to Earth makes him viable but he can still shapeshift and can run very fast than most humans (Mimic)

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