Creator Blastertronus
Creation unknown
Type Cyberformed human
human transformer
Alignment neutral evil
Attitude Seriously calm
Fighting style long range
Abilities Transforming into a jet
and a motorcycle
Enchanted Weaponry
Electricity Absorption
Super Reflexes
Healing Factor
Congenital Anastasia
Master at using any kind of weapons
Weaknesses Destruction of the head
Disability to feel empathy
Very limited to using ability to teleportation
Status alive (died multiple times)
Occupation Hunter
Contract killer
Weapons specialist
Talon Agent (rumored)
self proclaimed Decepticon
Superiors Dr. Schadenfreude (formerly)
Subordinates His Faceless Mercenarys
Dust Devil
* Catastrophe
* Cataclysm
Allies Talon
Abigor's crew
Black Star
Pavor Nocturnus
Enemies heroes
Curly Brace
Thunderbolt is a grey and blue cybernetic Scout hunter concept created by Blastertronus. His theme is Transformers Lockdown REMIX (DuberZ and Prime) - Music by Steve Jablonsky and DUBERZ.mp3


​One was a man from the country known as Taiwan, Ting-Chen Lin worked at National Taiwan Science Education Center, he loved his job intel one day a grope of freaks kidnapped him and took him to Mannhatten were Dr. Schadenfreude did many experiments on him, one of experiments caused him his ability to feel empathy towards others. Dr. Schadenfreude's last experiment on him involved making him a shape shifting robot cyborg, minuet after the experiments was complete Dr. Schadenfreude brainwashed him and made him his personal killer, this however lasted very shortly as Dr. Schadenfreude was eventually killed by Soldine. He didn't really care that Dr. Schadenfreude died because he cant feel empathy any more . He then went on to become a brutal bounty hunter, eventually bought a spaceship and a crew and dubbed himself Thunderbolt after his ability to absorb and use electricity to his own will.

Personality and behavior

Thunderbolt is bounty hunter at heart. He always fulfills the contracts and missions he is assigned to as long as he is paid. He doesn't really care what he has to do in order to fulfill his contract, even going after the person he's hunting for's loved one just to get said person's attention, or even gong very far length of destroying an entire populations if necessary. His respect for other freaks is not too great either, sometimes mumbling about his own clients and speaking to them sarcastically. Thunderbolt's been known to loot weaponry from the foes he kills, so his armoury is constantly changing.

He's known for and having a frighteningly violent personality, This also shows to why he's genocidal which adds to his tendency to be cruel ,violent, sadistic, and brutal due to his disability to feel empathy towards others, but its not very bad however, yet he does let it out at his prisoner on his ship.

Thunderbolt has he has a Sense of humor, a very dark sense of humor to be exact, he does this occasionally to help lighten the mood, which doesn't work most of the time, he does it mostly when he's taunting his prisoners, yet he doesn't have this attitude when he's out and about.

Despite being crazier and very mentally unstable, he can be a charismatic and masculine guy, which can have him crack a joke that's not dark, yet he's mostly charismatic to his crew in order to motivate them. 

He's also showed to be a mood swinger which makes him unpredictable. this means he can go from being a calm, unworried, yet frighteningly smart and serious hunter who speaks in a gothic manner to a completely genocidal maniac whos hell-bent on causing misery to others. Yet sometimes he can be some ware in between sometimes.  


He wears a the romevision parts of the scout robot (with the exepiton of the "battle skirt" or the hat). He also wear a Blue Little Drumming man, Sole Savior, The Nanobalaclava, the Polar Pullover, a gray version of the Dapper's Disguise, Transparent Trousers, Sneaky Sleeves, Batter's Bracers, an austrilium gold Cabet Visors, , a Battalion's Backup, the Thoracic Support, a Cherry bomber and a smaller version of the unused gatebot chest light that's obviously located on his chest. He sometimes weres a Clean a moustache gray Bruisers bandana which acts as a battle mask

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation - Because he's a specially made robot (with a human soul, brain, and heart, He can transform into a fast yet very small A-10 Thunderbolt II, he can also use this for going over obstacles, avoiding enemy defenses and securities, and committing air strikes.
    • He's also a triple changer, which means he has a second alt mode, and that second ult mode is a motorcycle. he usually use this second ult mode to get pass certain obstacles or just because he does not want to use his jet mode.
    • He can also transform his face into a gun like lockdown from Age of Extinction, it works in a similar way to that of said character's
  • Electricity Absorption - He also power to absorb electricity and utilize it in some way, buy Utilize it, he just use it for killing. He's equipped with various weaponry to use the electricity he absorbed to make it into various shapes such as swords or knives, or he can shoot it from his palms or the previously mentioned "Gun face". 
  • Skills - Thunderbolt is a Master at using any kind of weapon, this means if he gets his hands on a alien weapon, he would know how to use it.
    • he also knows several martial arts which add to his shear skills at hand to hand combat and use of any kind of melee weapons. 
  • Intelligents - Thunderbolt has a very high IQ, this makes him good at almost anything whether its math of using it to lay out traps and stuff, this also makes him very unpredictable and dangerous at the same time.  
  • Teleportation - as you might alright know, teleportation is the theoretical transfer Energy of Matter or from one point to another without traversing the physical space between him, But Thunderbolt usually likes to use this ability to catch his opponent by surprise, and he's also limited to using teleportation and how far he can go because he has his transformation ability  
  • Weaponry - Thunderbolt is known for having all kinds of weaponry and gadgets. Does it really need to be explained?  
  • Congenital insensitivity to pain - very few people might know that that he can't feel pain because he suffers from Congenital Analgesia. This means that if he gets injured in any shape or form he can walk it off like if it was nothing. He uses it to his advantage in battle for obvious reasons.  
  • An unnamed Special Attack - nothing is known about it with the exception that it works similar to that of Sombra's EMP Ult  

Weaknesses and Faults

  • Destruction of head - Thunderbolt can be easily taken by Destroying his head in any shape or form. This can also kill him, but because he has a healing factor he will just simply come back, yet it can slow him down from doing his work. So the only to kill him for good is by destroying his body after the head, which can be very hard due to the fact that its some what indestructible.
  • Not able to feel empathy - thunderbolt likes having, is also known by his comrades that he suffers from a something that prevented him form feeling empathy. This means he cant feel love or compassion for others. This was a side effect from one of Dr. Schadenfreude's experiments. This is possibly on of the reasons why he's been driven to become a villainous bounty hunter.


  • his characteristics and design is based on and lockdown from transformers age of extinction.

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