Unnamed (8) - Edited
Gah---Goh--Geh!!!!!! -Being hit in the face by Jacks heavy axe
Creator Sire Train
Type Memory Maker
Alignment Idiotic Evil
Attitude Stupid

Tries to act like a ganglord

Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Memory Maker Ediotr

Meteor Breath

Weaknesses Everything
Status Alive
Allies Thirmose
Enemies The one little snitch

Shozu is a RED former cop made by user Sire Train

He has no theme since he is a sfm comic character only


Shozu got fired from being a cop but stole His uniform and cap. He recruited a lighting weilder named Thrimose. Did him over and set out to work to find a girl. He met Miyu Sires boyfriend but mistook him for a girl and kidnaped him, it was to tight to fit in and Sire rescued him and Jack smashed Shozus teeth



Shozu can edit, cut , erase peoples memory by sliding his hand into their head, stunning them.

Shozu is able to fire Meteors from his mouth (So he says) and makes a excuse why he isnt when attacking someone



He loses the ability to edit when his memory maker is taken away or broken


  • This is supposed to be a humor description

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