Creator Cheetah1251
Creation July 28, 2013
Debut Closer
Type Demon
Alignment True Neutral

Neutral Evil (Current Canon)

Attitude N/A
Fighting style Various
Abilities Weapon Dissolution
Soul Theft
Weaknesses The Seal
Status Sealed
Occupation Wreaking Havoc
Superiors Dr. Robograden
Subordinates Touching Story
Shadow Puppets
Enemies Dr. Uppengraden
Sacrebleu and Groink

Silhouette is an all-elemental female Engineer Freak made by YouTube user Cheetah1251.

Her theme song is "Supporting Me" from the video game Sonic Adventure 2.


Silhouette was sealed within an entity simply called "The Seal", which is hidden inside a mystic temple of unknown location.


In 2003, Silhouette intruded an abandoned hospital belonging to Dr. Uppengraden and his daughter, Beatrix. As the alarm went off, it was too late for the retired doctor, rushing in only to find his only child having her soul taken away by the demon right in front of him.

Sometime shortly after, she snuck into the library of a friend of Uppengraden's, simply referred to as the Librarian Sniper, due to his actual name remaining undocumented and lost in time. Taking possession of the books inhabiting the many shelves of his library, she fused them into the poor librarian's soul, creating a terrifying new being under her wing.

Ten years later, sometime in the middle of 2013, Silhouette is discovered to still be roaming the TF2 Freak world under the control of a mysterious robotic clone of Dr. Uppengraden, currently in an endless chase between the doctor and his trustworthy subordinate, Pancolawich.

Appearance and Personality

Silhouette appears as a completely black female Engineer, nearly resembling a shadow, as her name implies. She is peaceful when resting in The Seal, but when she is disturbed by intruders, or if The Seal is broken, she becomes furious and starts wreaking havoc across the TF2 Freak World. The only way to peacefully communicate with her is by summoning or beckoning her. She is also completely mute.

Silhouette, if at the hands of the right person, can be used as an ally, be it good or evil.

Powers and Abilities

Silhouette has the ability to steal souls of other Mercs and Freaks alike. This ability is used on favor of Dr. Uppengraden's Daughter. She also has the ability to dissipate any psychical object (weapons in specific) into nothing. As seen in her fight against

Another thing to note is that she is immune to all physically-effective attacks, such as Spiritual Demoman's Demortalization, The Original Vagineer's Contagion ability, Projektor's Shadow Projection and Doppelganger's Power Assimilation.

Faults and Weaknesses

The only true weakness of Silhouette is sealing her with The Seal, which will put her at peace again. And since she will always agree to become an ally if beckoned by someone, she can be used as an ultimate weapon of destruction if in the wrong hands, further ruining her reputation as a good Freak.


  • Silhouette's initial element-based concept was inspired by SHE, a character from the creepypasta Super Smash.
  • Silhouette was the first known Freak to debut in a music video.

Notable Videos

By the Creator

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