Sire Train
Unnamed (1) - Edited
Creator Sire Train
Creation Does it matter?
Type Operator
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Playful, Modest
Fighting style Ranged/Melee
Abilities Quick Operation


Weaknesses Melee

Stronger foes

Status Depressed
Occupation Keeping his boyfriend safe from harm
Superiors Scion
Subordinates None
Allies Miyu (Scout)

Jack (Heavy)
Scion (Kurei only to him)

Enemies Blasteroids Heavy

Scion (Helmet)
Shozu (Sniper)
Thirmose (Spy)

Appearance and Personality

Sire is a gay engineer that loves really anyone


Sire is a kind Red Engineer that had always been diffrent about building, he loved to deconstruct things and soon found out he could manipulate metal objects. Next. He met a red Heavy who was in a bad mood which he soon cheered up, befriended (Jack) and was neglected from helping his new friend from chopping wood. Sire missed his fate multiple times when a program named Metyis sent two scouts to kill him. He swapped on of the scouts mind with the other, causing them to lose memory of who they were. Sire befriended only one as the other one had died before he could operate.

Jack was very confused with Sires explaination of his history (See above lol) and didnt buy it. They became short term rivals untill Sire recived a note from the future (10 days) that Jack had a accident and had to amputate his arm. Sire changed that by saving him. But also made a paradox by doing so. Allowing a evil spirit roam free.

Sire got befriended by a spy with only one eye and started secretly training him while becoming his best friends enemy.


Sire can use a “Operation” ability to swap his targets body parts onto other objects, giving him the advantage

Alone with being able to quickly operate from a distance. Sire can pull or push metal Objects from place and manipulate them from a short distance.


Sire is not very strong and relies on his friend, Miyus ability in hth combat.

His ability is sections. Meaning that while he is using his operate ability, everything in his radius can be broken apart, the problem is that they return to normal if he is defeated. Sire is trying to perfect it

Melee is not his thing and can be easily defeated that way


Sire has a problem against anyone who tries on his boy friend for size and will go straight to attack mode and challenge them to fight him in the ring, even if the target doesnt realize that Miyu is transgender

Unnamed (7)

Miyu being hit on by Shozu, a memory editor

Screenshot 2016-12-30 at 10.32.49 PM - Edited

Sire using Jacks axe to swing at Blasteroids Persona

Not so smart moves

Sire is secretly allied with a formidable enemy that both of his friends have. He is shown ways that are more darker than normal


  • This is the first time the creator has had 3 Persona's at once, the other two being "Jack" a red lumberjack heavy with no powers and a transgender female scout named "Miyu"

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