2014-08-21 00002
Creator BisonsWrath
Creation August 3 2014 (Concept)
Type Team General
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Careless, Sociable (Calm)
Relentless, Savage (Combat)
Fighting style Close-Range
Abilities Near-Impenetrable Skin
Fists of Steel
Dampened Sense of Pain
Superb Martial Arts
Power Boots
Weaknesses Straightforward
Lacks Means of Ranged Combat
Status Alive and Punchin'
Occupation BLU Shock n' Awe General
Allies His Fellow Generals
Enemies Any and All REDs

Skullbuster (Real name: Arnold Curtis) is a heroic Shirtless BLU Soldier created by BisonsWrath. He wears the Deus Specs, A Particularly Drab Tincture-colored Crafty Hair, The Mantreads and the Fists of Steel.


Arnold Curtis was an ordinary BLU Soldier under the command of the old BLU leader. Shortly before this leader's demise, he was promoted to General. Dr. Adam Lang was instructed to enhance Curtis to fit in with the other general, which he did, while Plasmaneer provided him with his Power Boots and Fists of Steel. After Dr. Lang became Dr. Übermensch, Arnold had joined him in his quest to defeat the REDs once and for all. He earned the nickname "Skullbuster" after smashing through a Heavy's head with a single punch.

Behaviour and Personality

Skullbuster is a very talkative person, and can be seen conversing with anyone - be it another General, a scientist or a mere Private. Whenever he's not busting enemy skulls, he's with his friends, smoking a cigar and discussing the times when different nations, like the US (His homeland) still existed and all was fine.

However, should one spot him on his beloved battlefield, they will notice a radical change in his personality - from likable War Veteran to a furious death machine. Even if he's fighting a lone opponent, he will only return to his normal state once he properly insures his opponent's demise. However, he WILL talk, sometimes adding a casual "Dominated" or "Pa-POW" between his kills.

Powers and Abilities

Skullbuster has an extremely hard skin, and next to no sense of pain. Only select adversaries were able to cause him actual pain, let alone beat him. Knockback can still be applied to him, but it rarely deters him.

He has special versions of Mantreads that allows Curtis extreme mobility, like fast run speed and high jumps. They also have the ability to claw onto walls, allowing him to climb them with ease. They glow a dark blue color when turned on.

His enhanced Fists of Steel are capable of smashing through a Heavy's skull with little effort. Skullbuster often uses them along with the Power Boots for swift charges that demolish several mercenaries at once. He can also use them to lift objects up of to 3 tons of weight. He can also Boost them for a limited time, allowing him to level a small building or lift 2 train engines. Using the power for too long, however, can and will overheat the Fists, causing them to become red-hot, then explode. Like the Power Boots, the Boost mode causes the Fists to glow dark blue.

Faults and Weaknesses

While certainly not stupid, Arnold's attacks are somewhat predictable, leaving him open to counters.

He also has no ranged weapons, and cannot acquire one unless he takes off his gauntlets.

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