...-Smokey Joe's mute nature

His theme is Undertale OST - Dummy!

Zombie pyro

Smokey Joe in hell


He was a RED Pyro till killed by BLU Vagineer now he mostly mute most of the time he mostly friendly but wear Voodoo Cursed Pyro Soul and his weapon is Unarmed Combat when in rage he very rude to people and Angered by any Engineers that wouldn't make teleports or deispensers to help the team he wanted a dispenser to save his live because he was bleeding out he died because of that engineers laziness So hates any lazy or stubborn engineer who don't help their team and will kill them for his revenge for his death

'Personality and Appearance' He's mostly Silent when looking for lazy engineers and friendly to any hard working engineer or any Pybros and people who are nice to him he's a zombie with his "only" friend BLU Spy's arm who he talks to most of the time.

Power and Abilities

Can bring people back from the dead

Shoot Fireballs to set his foes a blazed

more durability then Giant Heavy

Summons other Zombies to aid him battle

Fearless makes him not fear any freaks

Cold wind causes a snow storm

Faults and weakness

He weak to fire because of being a zombie

a blow to the head would temperarly kill him

Need dead people to gain more zombies

he moves slow like a zombie

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