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"Sniperasmus arrives on a tide of Jarate!!"
:―Sniperasmus' catchphrase.

Sniperasmus is a Merasmus-Sniper hybrid TF2 freak made by the deviantART user flandre495, who also made the Cirno Sniper.

Appearance and Personality

Sniperasmus has the appearance of Merasmus, exept that he's got the head of a Sniper wearing the Skull Island Topper instead of his usual slouch hat.

Unlike Merasmus in-game, Sniperasmus is about the same size as an average, everyday Sniper.

He has a rather bossy personality, insisting that everything go his way and can be very mean and demanding, much like the original Merasmus. Although underneath that bossy exterior, he's still a kind-hearted person. It would be much more simple to say he has a personality nearly identical to Merasmus'.

There is also a possibility he might be a pervert due to his ridiculous habit of taking embarrassing or perverted photographs of the other freaks and publishing them in the newspaper. Sniperasmus is usually seen wandering around looking for photographs for his next big scoop.

Powers and Abilities

Just like Merasmus, he can use magic, usually in the same way that Merasmus does. He mostly uses his magic to fly, although if confronted with an opponent, eg another TF2 Freak, he also utilizes other forms of magic, like raining Jarate (his favourite), manipulating fire, turning into a prop, and other things.

Aside from his staff (which is identical to Merasmus' one), he is also in possession of a magic camera (which by all standards is just a regular camera) which he uses to take photos of anything he finds interesting, mainly other freaks he passes by. If he becomes intrested in any character, he will immediately start sticking to them (as there are many fascinating freaks in the TF2 universe, Sniperasmus hovers from one place to next day after day). Even though his camera is just an ordinary one, he still insists on telling people to "GAZE NOT UPON IT!"

Faults and Weaknesses

Sniperasmus is not only really bossy, if in combat, he's always certain that he will always win, and whenever using his prop magic, he will constantly taunt at people to find him.

Like the original Merasmus, Sniperasmus is weak to Sniper Rifles and the Huntsman. He is also notably vulnerable when stunned.

As his camera is a regular run-of-the-mill camera, it occasionally runs out of power and it is also possible to break it.


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