Creator PumpkinLordOLantern
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Grumpy
Fighting style Mid-to-Long Ranged
Abilities Mint Manipulation
Status Alive
Occupation Mint Maker
Allies Caramel Soldier
Bubblegum Scout
Marshmallow Medic
Gummi Heavy
Enemies Spynich
Saxton Kale
Brussel Scout
Diet Man

Snipermint is a GRN Sniper Freak created by PumpkinLordOLantern


Snipermint appears as a GRN Sniper wearing the Kiss King, and the Bushman's Bristles, both painted A Mann's Mint.

Personality and Behavior

Like most Snipers, Snipermint is a grumpy and stoic man. Due to being a plant-based person, he often sticks out like a sore thumb. He is more or less irritated by his friends' antics and seems to have a lower tolerance for their goofiness. Bubblegum Scout and Gummi Heavy seems to annoy him the most. He tends to complain and swear a lot, especially when fighting.

Despite his harsh exterior, Snipermint is a good person; he just doesn't like to show it often. He will never hesitate to help his friends, even though on the outside he doesn't feel happy about it.

Snipermint has good relationships with Chocoman and Marshmallow Medic. Snipermint and Chocoman are good friends and they often fight together, though his obsession with chocolate sometimes annoys the Sniper. Snipermint and Marshmallow Medic are lovers as they share similar quiet yet blunt personalities, and are both telepathically linked.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mint manipulation -- Snipermint has the ability to manipulate mint, a type of plant that is used to give candies a mint flavor. He is very skilled with it and can use it in a variety of ways on the battlefield.
    • Mint gas -- Snipermint produces a mint-smelling knockout gas that knocks out anyone who smells it.
    • Mint healing -- Like Marshmallow Medic, Snipermint has the power to heal. His leaves, when consumed, restores his allies to full health, removes all negative physical and mental status ailments, and temporarily energizes them.
    • Mint constructs -- Snipermint is able to create sentient beings out of mint plants. They tend to vary in shapes and sizes, but they are all subservient to their creator. They are called "Mintlings".
    • Mint empowerment -- Snipermint's mint leaves boost the status of his friends' powers.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Snipermint is as strong and durable, if not less than, a normal Sniper.
  • Because he is a plant-based Freak, Snipermint's attacks can be burned with fire.
  • Snipermint's telepathic link with Marshmallow Medic leaves them both open to psychic attacks. If one of them is hit, the other will experience excruciating mental pain.


  • Snipermint being a lover of Marshmallow Medic is a reference to mint-flavored marshmallows.
  • Like Marshmallow Medic, Snipermint having the ability to heal through mint leaves comes from the historical practice of using mint leaves as beneficial medicine. Mint leaves help with curing sore throats and lungs, improves oral health, relieves stress and depression, and promotes digestion.

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