Koth harvest
Type Mutant
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Claws
Enhanced Agility
Status Alive
Occupation Reptile
Superiors Blind Brutal Sniper (temporarily)
Allies Pyrocannon (formerly)
Stryder Scout
Enemies Infiltrator Agents

Snipertile is a BLK Sniper Freak, He used to be a normal Sniper but now a reptile.


Snipertile was originally a RED Sniper. One day he was lured into a base supposedly he entered a Giant Sized Container you can call it and was asorbed by Reptile Skin and Radiation. Blind Brutal Sniper found the poor RED Sniper being transformed into a beast. Blind tried everything to get him out but it was too late. He had already been transformed, After that Snipertile atemped to attack Blind Brutal Sniper but lost. Blind took Snipertile to his base and was trained by him ever since.


Snipertile appears as a Biohazard Sniper with Reptile Claws and Skin.

Personality and Behavior

Snipertile was trained to protect the Good and defeat the Evil. He is very calm and a Carnivore aswell he is a humanoid reptile you can say.

Faults and Weaknesses

Snipertile has very few weaknesses. He cannot stand EMP's or loud noises or anything like that. Snipertile cannot live If he Is out of the water for 5 hours, he will suffocate.

Powers and Abilities

Snipertile possesses the abilities of Night Vision easily attacking a enemy from above or silence. He also has very sharp claws making it easy to make his enemies bleed. He can turn invisible like a Spy. He was born into a agile reptile, He has enhanced agility making him extremely fast.

Participants Result
Snipertile vs. Blind Brutal Sniper ' Inconclusive

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