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Speed Shoes in Hightower, one of the places he commonly likes to go to.

Speed Shoes



Quite a long time ago on paper,

11-10-13 (WIP Concept released)


None Yet (Planning to release a

video around December 31 to

mark the Anniversary of the first



Artificial Freak


Chaotic Good


Carefree, Modest

Fighting style

Close- to Mid-ranged


Some of Sonic's moves

Self-Kritzkreig Ubercharge

Power Ascension (TBA)



"The best man won, you ya dumb, bib-wearin' dope!"

Speed Shoes taunting a Pyro

Speed Shoes is an Artificially Enhanced Scout TF2 Freak created by nytryder000.

Although he doesn't necessarily have a passive theme, his battle theme is Giant Wing, Fire Stone (Theme of Sonic) from Sonic the Fighters, and his Boost theme is Going Down! - Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue RMX from Sonic Generations.


(To be edited in the future)

Speed Shoes used to be a regular Scout that fought alongside his fellow BLUs in 2Fort against the REDs as his old job- after the constant fighting, he read the Archie Sonic comics, over and over, the other BLUs commonly seeing him reading them and sometimes chuckling to themselves.However, when the BLU Medic, Engineer, and Spy stumbled upon a slightly burnt up blueprint for the first 'Artificial Freak' that required a Scout as a base, the Medic went to the Scout and asked if he wanted to be the hero he always read about- of which, the Scout immediately accepted, and was knocked out by the Spy.

Waking up during the process of getting surgery done on him during the final parts of creating this 'Artificial Freak', the Scout scrambled in his restraining bed out of fear, and, while the Engineer and Spy tried to keep him restrained so that they could finish the operation, exploded with a large release of energy from the already installed IKUS- the Internal Kritzkreig Ubercharge System- and escaped 2Fort in a blur, with himself ending up extremely scatterbrained, but with only one goal on his mind- to kill.

He woke up again, after what felt like weeks, in BLU's side of Coldfront, almost freezing to death and with a major migraine, feeling stronger and faster... and being stared at by a drunken Demoman with a beard and top hat.And that's where SS' adventure across the world begins.


Speed Shoes is a BLU Scout that adorns the Track Terrorizer, the Breakneck Baggies, and the Chuck-Tailor All Stars, while still wearing his default hat, but not his headphones.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Speed Shoes is an arrogant and cocky Scout like all the others, but, unlike most of them, he sometimes reveals a kindhearted side; he also isn't a person for talking to people that he doesn't know, having barely any skill in social interaction.

He is a tad bit smarter than the other Scouts, learning from his mistakes after a few attempts at doing certain things, and is able to draw out quick plans to himself to get out of danger, and, alongside that, he isn't a person for fighting, although he is prepared and ready to defend himself if necessary.

He, most of the time, speaks in a witty manner, and this, most of the time, gets himself in trouble due to his remarks and attitude.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Speed Shoes, like the name states, is as fast as a regular Scout with the Speed Shoes, speeding around enemies at nearly the speed of sound, and is able to perform basic Parkour very well during battle, although he makes the occasional slip.

He can perform a small bit of Sonic's overall moveset, more preferrably, Classic Sonic's moves from some of the older games:

He can perform a literal Spin Dash, where he spins around and around in a tornado-like manner until he releases the energy, speeding off in a direction without stopping unless he slows down to normal speed or bumps into something, falling to the floor and jumping up again.

The Strike Dash (Originally, Speed Shoes had the Super Peel Out as a move, but I decided that the Strike Dash would be better- The Strike Dash acts just like it normally does- it instantly charges up energy in split seconds, and when the energy is released, Speed Shoes speeds off at half the speed of the normal Spin Dash.He uses this very commonly.)

He can also perform the Homing Attack, albeit it works more like it does in Sonic Lost World, and it isn't necessarily the Homing Attack you know-

Instead of curling up into a ball and hurling himself at enemies, he jumps up into the air, spins around in the air, giving himself a small boost in airtime, and spins upward towards the sky and downward towards an enemy, and, when reaching the enemy, he kicks them right in the face, giving him a small bit of airtime.

He can, the last of his minor powers, also perform an underpowered Boost that increases his speed temorarily, and acts just like the regular Boost from Sonic Generations, Colors, etc.

Lastly, his most overpowered ability yet that I don't think needs fixing, due to the various amounts of reblancing to it I have done in the past, the Self-Kritzkreig Charge & the IKUS- the Internal Kritzkreig Ubercharge System.

Self-Kritzkreig Charge & The IKUS

The internal power system that powers all of Speed Shoes' special abilities, it enhances his speed and strength, too- but it also has several other functions included to assist in combat:

(NOTE: Originally, this would have been MUCH more overpowered, due to Speed Shoes originally having both the regular Ubercharge and the Kritzkreig Charge able to be used at any time, so I decided to cut off the Ubercharge, and stick with the Kritzkreig charge.)

  • The Self-Kritzkreig Burst Charge - A Self-Ubercharge system that was implemented into Speed Shoes to power some of the abilities already in the blueprints for the original project- it is able to be activated at any time in either a single second burst, or a five second continuous charge.It enhances all of his physical attacks for either the single or continuous charges (Like I said... what, a sentence ago.), and makes all of them Critical Hits- however, this effect CANNOT be transferred over to firearms or projectile weaponry.
  • The Speed Boost - This uses up a good amount of energy inside of Speed Shoes that goes into further increasing his speed to nearly that of making time to him slowed down.However, his attacks, when this is active, are decreased in power due to transferring power from physical attacks to the Boost.
  • Self Healing - Yes, he has self healing- however, it can only heal minor wounds like small bullet wounds, scrapes and cuts, etc.It cannot heal major wounds like broken limbs or dismembered limbs, which requires outside medical attention to heal.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

SS fights in an extremely cocky and arrogant way, performing tricks and taunts at his enemies during battle- this leaves him wide open for most attacks.

He can't swim.Enough said.

He is allergic to spikes- if he just taps a spike lightly with his pinky finger, he will instantly die and mimic the old death animation from Sonic 1-3&K, complete with the "DUNDUN".No exceptions on where the spike is or where it comes from.

The IKUS is EXTREMELY weak towards energy weaponry or attacks involving water- this shorts out the circuits in the IKUS, and make SS' movements slower and laggier, although he is still a bit fast due to his vigorous training- just not fast enough to avoid a lethal blow that will leave him defeated.

He is only a bit stronger and more capable of taking (Overhealed Scout with max overheal) than a regular Scout, and without his speed or the IKUS- the only way he can heal himself- he cannot take that much physical damage.

Notable Videos

To Be Changed...


I've tried my hardest to edit Speed Shoes as much as possible so that he wouldn't be overpowered or underpowered- I NEED criticism and suggestions about what I should do to him next before I release him to the public.I'll take almost any suggestions about what else I should do to him, and, straight when I finally get to releasing the first video that has him in it (It will also be my first Gmod video in general), I allow ANYONE to use him how they want- all I need is just my name mentioned in the description.Plus I'd also like a link to the video just to see the video for myself.No, I won't go "OMG U USED HEEM WRAWNG FAAAAAAAAAAAHK" one bit if he's used in something like a randumb video or a video where he is purposefully beaten up and abused by Captain Demoman.If this page needs to be moved somewhere else on here so that it is put in the right place, then I won't mind.

Also, I did base this around the Pylich post from the official Freakshow wiki as something to base this page around as an example for myself.Hope you don't mind the various edits to get this all cleaned up.

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