Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 23,2017
Type Humanoid Jelly/Polyp
Alignment Choatic Neutral(mostly)
True Neutral(Spii #64)
Attitude Silly
Fighting style Close to Long Range
Abilities Multiply
limb detachment
Stretch Punch
Spike throw
infectious bite
Psionic Tentacle Extension(Spii #64)
Weaknesses Silly nature
slow attacks
Status Multiplying rapidly
Occupation Causing mischief
Superiors Royal Spii
Subordinates Mini Spii
Allies Other Spii
Enemies None

The Spiis are a alien humanoid race of "jelly" Spies concept by Kyuubiman3

Their theme is


The Spiis come in different team colours and wearing random hats they found on the ground

Personality and Behaviour

Their usually peaceful with other people and like hanging out near buildings and cities.

But if one was killed the other Spiis won't stop chasing after that person before Brutality murdering them


RED Spii: Their the most common of the Spii Species and is resistance to heat

BLU Spii: Their are the second most common of Spii a bit more talkative and lives near by the water and ice

YLW Spii: Their fast and agile of their species and even speak very quick to sound unintelligible

ORG Spii: the alien like versions of their species and usually seen together and glow in the dark

GRN Spii: They are masters of sneaking up out of no were and can poison people with their knifes

PRL Spii: They love to tell funny jokes and gags to detract their targets before attacks with a swift stretch punch to the face

WHT Spii: It only has one member and his name is Spii #64 and looks normal a Spy while wearing glasses

GRY Spii: not much is know about them but they are nocturnal and likes to be alone

Mini Spii: They appears as heads with floating hands and legs

Fat Spii: They are the fat versions of every Spii and more bunkier then a normal Spy

PNK/Royal Spii: they are the royalty of all the Spiis and willing to help anyone to become allies later on.

Creepy Spii: yet to be seen

Powers and Abilities

Every Spii can stretch their arms to sucker punch their opponents in the face or neck

They can detach their body parts to multiply and fast to regrow them selfs

The Spii's bite is very contagious and it can change normal people into their species with one bite

They can throw Spikes at their enemies at a distance which poison them and killing normal people

Spii #64 is the only known Spii to have the ability to use Psionic Tentacle Extension

Faults and Weakness

Spii have a silly nature that makes get in trouble for others or cause trouble to themselves

Most of the Spii are easily scared and freighted making them cowardly most of the time

Spii's attacks are mostly slow and easy to dodge


Spii #64 is the only one to be WHT and to grow tentacles when attacking or to scare off predators and he hides his true face from others

the Fat Spii looks like God Himself and Fat Spy

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