Tf2 freak idea spiss by kayakazan-d6g64kz
Creator kayakazan
Creation 2013 - 2014 (Idea)
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Murderous, cocky
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Inhuman Strength
Jarate Throw
Great Enforcer Aim
Weaknesses Pyro's
Status Alive
Occupation Jarate-killer
Enemies RED Snipers

Spiss is a YLW Spy whose main objective is to kill Snipers -BLU or RED- after throwing Jarate at them for revenge purpose.


Spiss was originally a BLU teamed Spy with good sneaking skill like the usual. But his worst enemy during his activity was the RED Sniper's faithful Jarate he kept throwing at the poor Spy. After enough time receiving the Jarate on his suit again and again, the Spy started turning definitely yellow and is now a YLW Spy called Spiss.

Fighting Skills

For his fighting skill, he still act like a normal Spy with his backstabbing ability and use of his revolver, although a notable difference is that all his weapons are now yellow-colored. But in addition to that, he is able to throw Jarate himself at enemies, normally only possible for the Sniper.


As for his weakness, the effect of the Jarate are permanent on him, making him even weaker than a normal Spy. He is easy to spot when he is invisible or disguised. Because of that, he is not able to stand against most of the TF2 Freaks, even the weakest of them.

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