Splendid Gentlemen
Splendid Gentlemen
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 8,2017
Debut Spy is a Splendid Assassin (in progress)
Type Cursed Human
Alignment Natural Evil
Attitude Genocidal
Fighting style Short to long-range
Abilities Magic Ambassador
Dark Magic
Dead ringer
Pocket Hat dimension
Magic Demon mask
Weaknesses Overconfident
Low durability
Status Alive
Occupation Magic Assassin
Subordinates Shadow Monkey-Bots
Enemies Mook

Splendid Gentlemen is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak concept by Kyuubiman3

His normal theme is Mother 3- Isn't this such a Utopi?!

His attacking theme is Epic Mickey - Clock Tower


Splendid Gentlemen appears as a BLU Spy wearing Tuxxy, Scotsman's Stove Pipe and Sneaky Spats of Sneaking

Powers and Abilities

Splendid Gentlemen is a magician of dark arts and knows how to use spells on his opponents

He carries a dead ringer just in case things go horribly wrong in his fights or assassination attempts

Splendid's hat is a pocket dimension carrying his minions to do his evil biding or to store his weapons in

Splendid Gentlemen owns a magical Ambassador that has magic bullets that act as lasers to normal humans.

If all else fails Splendid Gentlemen has a magical demon mask to use only for emergencies it makes him turn to a Simi-daemon for a short time making his abilities sky rocket to high freaks

Faults and Weakness

Splendid Gentlemen is a very overconfident Spy thinking he's the best out of very one and prone to unexpected attacks

Splendid Gentlemen is durable as a normal Spy and harm easily like a normal one as well

His after using his Magic Demon Mask it lowers his durability and powers for a short time and has to cool down for a day

Shadow Monkey-Bots

They are Splendid Gentlemen's henchmen and disposable minions because they only were built to severe their master and die for him they spawn from Splendid Gentlemen's Hat they help will holding down their targets or help guard his belonging.

Their easy to dispose of with Guns from afar or a blade to their heads and plus their only ability besides Melee combat is self-destruct.

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