Creator VictorLinear
Creation April 27,2017
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Proud
Belligerent (combat)
Talkative to his master
Fighting style Melee
Ranged (If needed)
Abilities Grappling Hook
Modified C.A.P.P.E.R
Enhanced Speed & Durability
Weaknesses Limited ammo
Lacking Destruction Powers
Status Alive
Occupation Wandering Warrior
Superiors Toymaker
Allies DJ Piss Snipper
Enemies Those on his list

Spliver is a TF2 Freak concept by VictorLinear and Kyuubiman3

His idle theme: Kraken of the Sea - Earthbound

His Attacking theme: Pokey Means Business! - Earthbound


Splicer appears as a normal BLU Driver

Personality and Behaviour

Splicer is a proud Driver and likes it when he paid to be someone's bodyguard.

Splicer is always with his master and friends for his missions and rarely is by himself

He's a starter assassin and Bounty Hunter looking for some poor person on his list to kill

Powers And Abilities

Splicer owns a modified C.A.P.P.E.R that can shoot Cyro and Incendiary ammo and shoots very rapidity.

Splicer owns a magic katana that can be used in three ways first being a regular katana second as flamethrower and lastly as a Rocket or as transportation

Splicer's grappling hook act as a grabbing tool or to make quick escape wit.

Splicer is a Durable and Speedy in fights to survive very long falls and fast enough to dodge very fast attacks

Faults and Weakness

Splicer has little ammo in his gun that he usually runs out on tougher freaks or fast and agile targets that dodges his bullets.

Splicer lacks in destructive powers to fight high rank freaks and monsters

Splicer is completely incompetent and lacks any knowledge on how to fight in most battles

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