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Spy Suitor
Spy Suitor
Creator Hellman604
Creation 5/9/13
Type Possessed
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Crazy
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Clairvoyance
Inhuman Fitness
Status Possessed
Occupation Cannibal
Allies BLU Team Women
Enemies RED Team

Spy Suitor is a RED Spy Freak created by Hellman604.


This freak originated he was a F2P RED Spy. Before he was transformed, he was a fine violin player crafting many masterpieces, but at one concert, he got heavily drunk and played horribly. The audience started booing at him. The stress was too much for a young spy, so he ran away from the scene and hid in shame for 2 weeks, then he decided to go back to spy business.

Then he discovered a grave at koth_harvest_event. He heard a muffled voice from inside. Afterwards, the grave exploded and the spirit of The Suitor came out. The Suitor possessed the unfortunate spy and transformed him into Spy Suitor.

Appearence and Personality

He is a spy wearing Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul and a pink and black-chequered error mask to cover his skeleton face. He is ready to kill and pursue.

He is crazy and sadistic to all REDS (they were his audience), but can be seen trying to flirt with BLU girls. He is a cannibal, so he eats his victims.

Powers and Abilities

He is possessed by The Suitor, so no one can hide from him. Even in the safest spots. He will run straight towards the hiding spot, and it will likely result in the victim's death.

Faults and Weaknesses

Guns can defeat him, because he is afraid of bullets. And if you remind him about his failed concert, he will become consumed with rage and forget about his victim.

Notable Videos

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