Creator Captain Huzan
Creation April 2017
Abilities Mine Manipulation
Status Active
Occupation Not much of anything
Allies Toymaker

S.D.I (Everyone is ded except him ;) )

Enemies Temperance

General Killed-In-Action (Army) (Soldier) Buswark (Army) (Spy)

Strider is a PRL Scout freak made by Captain Huzan


Strider Wears the Brink Blades, Bruisers Bandana and some weird scout hair and sometimes landing gear for combat (So his explosives wont effect his feet)


Powers and Abilitys

Strider has telepathy with mines, he can move them anywhere as long as he keeps his hands in motion, although the mines can change size, nor make the damage bigger, it does have a big explosion and self inflicted damage, but it doesnt pysicaly do anything to the target

His sword is the main source of his defense and is unbreakable but doesnt have any speical abilitys
Giphy (1)

Mine Manipulation

Notable Fights

Strider vs Temperance and General Killed-In-Action

Outcome Winner: Temperance

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