Stryder Scout
Stryder Scout
Creator Trytix
Creation 29. August 2015
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Fun loving
Fighting style Mid-Short range (mostly short range)
Abilities Creating swords and use them as projectiles
Transform body into a large mecha
Weaknesses weak durability when normal

lack in ranged attacks while in mecha mode

Status Alive
Occupation Freak Protector
Allies Incinerator
Enemies Pyrocannon
Infiltrator_Agents Infiltrator Agents]

Stryder Scout

Stryder scout is a ORG Scout with the ability to throw swords like projectiles and grow to a powerful mecha.


Stryder Scout was once a normal scout who usually got into trouble with the police and such. He loved to play around with them until he once was forced into a corner and got away by climbing the container behind him. This container was unfortunately filled with electricity and when Stryder Scout missed his Bonk down the container, he tried to reach down into it, but he got a shock of electricity which combined with the Bonk, and gave him ability to morph his body into becoming a huge robot version of himself.

He got away from the Police that day. but he was afraid of what had happened to him, and kept a low profile for some time. Until one day, he joined the F.P.R. (Freak Protection and Retribution) where he was at first hired as a normal recruit. but under training, he lost control of his powers and turned into the mecha version of himself.

F.P.R. saw his potential and made him a part of the main strike team.

Personality and Behavior

Stryder Scout likes to play around with his opponents, but can also handle tough combat situations with no problems.

Powers and Abilities

Stryder Scout have the ability to create swords out from nowhere and send them as projectiles towards targets. He can not throw more than 5 swords at the same time, but he has seemingly an infinite amount of them.

One of Stryder Scouts most typical abilities is his ability to turn into a tall and powerful android/Mecha version of himself (it's about 2.97 times his normal size). When doing so, he gains imminence strength and durability and he still is somewhat fast and agile (even though his speed is reduced). He can not throw swords when being in this form, but he can stay like this at about a half hour before he turns normal again. (he can either way get back to normal before this to.) (how long he stays as this mecha form determines how long he must wait until he can use it again.)

Stryder Scout Mecha form

Fault and Weaknesses

He is just as durable as a normal Scout when not in the Mecha form. He has no ranged attacks while being a mecha. When he is a Mecha, he can survive a lot of damage but still be taken down, which means he is not invincible.

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