Creator Hellman604
Creation 16 September 2013
Debut Synthets Finale Part 1
Type Cyborg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Talkative
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Immune to Sound Attacks
Strength and Durability Increase
Status Alive
Occupation Demolitions Expert
Superiors SynthetSoldier
Allies SynthetScout
Enemies SynthetMedic
Evil Freaks

SynthetDemo is a BLK Demoman TF2 Freak co-created by Youtube users Hellman604 and Maximus4587.


SynthetDemo was created along with SynthetScout and SynthetHeavy by SynthetMedic after SynthetSoldier betrayed him. He was loyal to him before he and the other synthets were re-programmed to follow the new Synthez Warriors after SynthetMedic's apparent death at the hands of SynthetSoldier.

Appearance and Personality

He appears as a BLK Demo wearing the Battery Bandolier, the Scotch Bonnet and the Dark Age Defender. He uses the Loose Cannon, the Eyelander and the Splendid Screen. He is usually talkative, and is also friendly and sociable. His expertise in explosive weaponry makes him ideal for demolition jobs.

Powers and Abilities

SynthetDemo is immune to any sort of sound attack, if freaks like GAYPENlS or Crazy Machine try to use their Ear Rape or Hypersonic Scream on him, it will not harm SynthetDemo. He has an ability to increase his strength and/or durability by his own wish. Like all Synthets, (except SynthetG), he can teleport to any range.

Faults and Weaknesses

SynthetDemo wasn't built with an immunity to his own explosives, so if anyone can reflect his own explosives back at him, they will deal severe damage to him.

Notable Videos

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