T-Man of Mystery
T Mann
Creator Hellman604
Creation May 30, 2014 (Concept)
Type Demon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Stoic
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Rage Form
Enhanced Durability
Superhuman Strength
Nightmare Form
Weaknesses Stronger Freaks
Fear of Life Thief
Status Undead
Occupation Roaming Zombie
Subordinates Men of Mystery (Supreme)
Allies Mann of Mystery (Formerly)
Enemies Non-combatant Freaks

T-Mutated Man of Mystery is a concept BLU/BLK Ubered Spy Freak created by Youtube/Deviantart User Hellman.


T-Mutated Man of Mystery was originally a normal Man of Mystery until it approached a BLU Chrystal called The T Diamond. As the Zombie approached it the Diamond corrupted the Zombie making it having a BLU Aura and a BLU Ubercharge around him. The Zombie then roamed the TF2 Freak World killing all Freaks, slaughtering them without mercy.

Personality and Behavior

T-Man of Mystery slaughters anything except a few other Freaks: Men of Mystery and the Mann of Mystery. It mostly attacks Non-combatant freaks meaning he attacks Freaks who don't know how to fight. In a Concept he was shown fighting Painis Cupcake but losing because of Painis' Self Ubercharge. He has a very high frequency of fear onto the Mutated Freak Life Thief because of Life Thief's creepy appearance. T-Man of Mystery is also not very friendly with the demon lord Nightmare Medic.

Powers and Abilities

T-Man of Mystery has several abilities, first off is his Rage Form. When it unleashes he will have increased agility and strength easily overpowering the freak he's fighting. Second he has enhanced durability making a Freak hitting him only take low damage. Third he has Superhuman Strength making him very strong to enemies. At last he has his Nightmare Form his most strongest form, He will increase of Strength, Agility and Ubercharge Rate.