Welcome to the TF2 Freak Concept Wiki!

This Wiki differs from the TF2 Freakshow Wiki in that it is an open place to post and discuss any original TF2 Freak idea that you have.

But you must know these rules:

You must be free to accept constructive criticism, as we want to help you turn your TF2 Freak into reality. Being harsh with comments can lead to a warning if you push it too far with criticism.

We wish to help your idea grow and develop into a wonderfully entertaining monster video to match the likes of them, and we'll never turn down your freak concepts because creativity is welcome

Feel free to post your ideas, and we'll try our best to aid you in your goal to make the freak reality, even if you do not own Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker.

Drawing your concepts is fine. Just make sure to actually make the character in sfm or gmod later on.


  • Don't copy other freaks.
  • Freaks can only be Team Fortress 2 characters.
  • If you make a page, you must be able to allow other people to edit the page.
  • Please do not troll, spam, or be rude. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged.
  • ToxicHolyGrenades freaks, Divider and Neo, do not use them on your pages. They're still here for what not to do when you make a concept

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