The TF2 PyroSharks are 3 freaks made by steam user Tim-McCarty

The Great BLU PyroShark


The Great BLU pyroshark is a strong pyroshark that wears the Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun and the Pyrobotics Pack,

He eats things that are edible ranging from dropped sandviches to humans to other freaks.


The Great BLU pyroshark wears a Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun and the Pyrobotics Pack. He carrys a neon annihilator in the pyrobotics pack, which charges it.    


Nothing is known about the pyroshark. Rumours say he was a pyro with amnesia that thought he was a shark. Other rumours say he went insane. Nobody knows what happened to him, all they know is that he got the neon sign from a poor scout that tried to help him out of the sewers.

Powers and Strengths

The Great BLU PyroShark is invunerable to electricity, and if possible, he can shock people.

The Pyroshark is used to water so mutch that he learned how to breath water, making him invulnerable to drowning.

The Pyroshark is a master swimmer, he can get to fast speeds that can outrun a scout on land.


The Great BLU PyroShark is weak on land, as his suit starts to deflate slowly which slowly makes him vulnerable to electricity.

The Great BLU Pyroshark is slow on land, as his body is not used to swimming, which makes him walk in weird ways and makes him so slow that he can get outrunned by a heavy.``

If he take his pack away from him his neon annihilator will have no way of being charged or powered.


  • The Great BLU PyroShark name is a reference to a Great White Shark.

Molten, The Lava PyroShark


Molten the lava pyroshark.


Molten looks like his overworld counterpart, The Great BLU PyroShark, but is red and ubercharged, and doesnt carry a pyrobotics pack, and weilds a sharpened volcano fragment.


Nobody knows his origin. Some think he was a pyroshark cast away into the underworld, and adapted his life to the new world he lived in, and slowly became a demon.

Powers and Abilities

  • Molten has become immune to fire and lava because of living in the underworld for so long.
  • Molten's axe can set people on fire like the normal volcano fragment.
  • Molten, unlike his overworld counterpart, can survive on land.


  • Unlike his counterpart, he is extremely vulnerable to water, and will melt or get extremely weak in water depending on how deep he is in the water.
  • Molten is a bit slow when hes not in the underworld, so you can easily outrun him if your not a normal heavy.


  • Molten went through several name changes during his creation.

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