The Bullet is BLU Heavy Freak created by wikia user: Chaos Sorcerer. He is wearing Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun, Steel-Toed Stompers, Die Regime-Panzerung, Tyurtlenek, Combat Slacks, Bone-Cut Belt, Batter's Bracers, Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm, Mad Mask and Samson Skewer (Threatening). Bullet is mainly armed with his trusty minigun (Iron Curtain), shotgun (Panic Attack) and Fists of Steel.

Personality and Behaviour

Bullet with his scrapbots can be normally found ruling over junkyard, in his mechanical laboratory or his own battle arena. Bullet is psychotic, sociophatic, murdering maniac. He rules over his junkyard dominion with iron fist and destroyes even his own scrapbots just to prove the point. Bullet acts arrogantly to other living beings calling them "not so smart" and that they are only good as something to shoot or watch to fight for its life.

Bullet's biggest trait though is his addiction on collecting scrap. This started from his childhood and follows to these days. This addiction is so big that anyone that touches his scrap (expect for his scrapbots) will be brutaly murdered or worse a gladiator off junkyards that is destined to forever stay and fight for his life with only food being a rotten food and unclean water.

If he is not seen though ruling over his dominion or watching battles in his arena, he's most likely tinkering in his hidden mechanical laboratory creating stronger bots and unstable machines that could explode any second.

Abilities, Weapons and Powers



Fists of Steel- Unlike other fists of steel these are special for they have a hookshot like device built in them. This device is used as well to hook on something and get pulled to it if its living being or any constructs.

Aside from these weapons Bullet also carries a lot of devices with himself. Most notable is his teleporter on his back. This teleporter is able to teleport Bullet without standing on it, but only on short distances. He also carries with himself a device(Pip-boy) that he uses to enter coordinates where to teleport.

Faults and Weaknesses

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