"I will bring end to your pain"

-Corruptor speaking through hacked facility

Corruptor is a PRPL colored TF2 mercenary, created by MacPC the Gamer.


Corruptor.exe is a evil, twisted version of Infector Spy. He came from alternate dimension to destroy any TF freak and to bring death to everyone. His voice is negative.


Not very much is known about Corruptor.exe.

Personality and Behaviour


Powers and Abilities

  • Mind take over
  • Impure Wounds
  • Technological rotting
  • Dimension Void
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Damage Charge
  • Statik force
  • Voltage burst

Faults and Weaknesses

When Damage Charge is on, it can clearly be seen as Corruptor is charged with electric. Try lure him into water as it can disable him from few seconds to few minutes, depending on how much he has been charged

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