The Dimengineer
Tf2 freak the dimengineer by solidfalcon3-d6e2xon
Creator Solidfalcon3
Creation 2013 - 2015 (Old Freak)
Type Dimension Warper
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Friendly, malevolent
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Dimensional Warp
Metahuman Strength
Lightning Bolt
Weaknesses Vagineers
Status Alive
Occupation Dimension/God of The Universe
Allies Intelligent Heavy
Enemies BLU Vagineer

The Dimengineer is a Teamless, Godlike Engineer that is very mysterious and unknown to all.


The Dimengineer is a mysterious dimensional god whose true form live in higher dimensions, he is fairly benevolent but neutral. His objective is to maintain the stability of the dimensions but because his true form is unable to appear in lower dimensions, he create a less powerful avatar in the form of an engineer. His main opponents are the Vagineers, Snyphurrs (who had a past of causing various dimensional anomalies) and pretty much any one who dare messing the dimensional fabric.

He is also good friends with Intelligent Heavy for some reasons (one suspect they met after Intelligent Heavy's dimensional machine broke and send him to the Dimengineer's realm. Dimengineer eventually became friend with him and send him back to his world)


The Dimengineer is a Hyper Dimensional Being which mean that by our standards he has limitless power if not more but because the lower dimensions have laws that make him unable to visit in his full power, he take on his less powerful avatar form to visit them.

In his avatar form, the Dimengineer has the power to remove opponents to other dimensions, usually in the Penal Zone, he can also raise a powerful barier which can withstand powerful blows and convert it into a shockwave, he can levitate and teleport to other dimensions as well tear dimensional rifts to redirect incoming attacks or shoot beams of energy and summon a Dimenspentry which provide him a mean of traveling as well support. He posses also cosmic senses and has an unique way to respawn which allow him to respawn almost everywhere he want in exchange of "Respawn time" (Ex: Respawning 100 meters away from the location of his death mean he must add 2-3 seconds to the respawn time).

It is not much know about his true form's power aside that it can bend reality and dimensions at will and is non-corporeal, also because the "Killercake" limit do not apply in the higher dimensions he live, he is pretty much invincible so the best another TF2 freak can do is to force him to drag his being into the lower dimensions to win, if such thing is possible


Despite his great powers, his avatar has average Engineer durability and suck at CQC and while his true form near-invinvcible, it cannot appear at all in lower dimensions because of the "Killercake" limit and can be either beaten by draging him to the lower dimensions which depower him (it's pretty hard to do it through) or send another higher dimensional god which can match him.

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