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The Dominator
Updated dominator
Creator Cowboygineer
Creation October 14, 2013 (concept)
Type Robotic Machine
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Unknown
Fighting style Mid- to close range
Abilities Durable and strong
Can deal almost any damage
Able to identify other freaks
Strong mechanical arms
Weaknesses Magma (lava)
Massive explosions
Limited knowlege
Obsolete tech/design
Easy to reprogram/hack in
Status Active
Occupation Cyborg
Subordinates Cowboygineer
Allies "Good" freaks
Enemies "Evil" or "bad" freaks

The Dominator is a TF2 Cyborg Soldier Freak made by Cowboygineer.


The appearance of the Dominator is a BLK team soldier wearing the Spook Specs.

Powers and Abilities

  • His main mission is to protect his creator (Cowboygineer) and help other good freaks if they are in danger.
  • The Dominator can identify and scan other freaks and search for any weak spot, weapons, alignment, etc.
  • The Dominator is very durable and strong, this means he cannot be destroyed easily and he can take on almost any damage delt.
  • He will stop at (almost) nothing to protect and help anyone that has good within.
  • His weapons are a shotgun, minigun, and a plasma rifle, and his super mechanical arms. He can use them to pick up heavy objects with ease.
  • His power supply lasts on 2 hydrogen fuel cells, which lasts 120 years each. If one of the cells becomes unstable, he can use that cell to cause a small miniature hydrogen explosion.
  • He is water, bullet, shock, and almost fire resistant.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Since he is a cyborg, he is limited on knowing human emotions and learning.
  • He can be destroyed by melting in lava. (A reference to the T-1000's death in T2: Judgement Day.)
  • He can be destroyed by a massive explosion.
  • He can be destroyed by being squished together with great force. (e.g. trash compactor)
  • Because of his "obsolete" technology and design, it would be easy for him to be hacked and reprogrammed.


  • Currently the model uses a custom reskin (shown on bio picture), which is not yet available to the public.
  • The model also uses the old Enhanced Soldier model. (V2)


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