The Dove
The Dove
Creator Hellman604
Creation 2013
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Short-Range
Abilities Inhuman Speed
High Jumping
Synthetic Rage State
Weaknesses Low Durability
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary
Allies SynthetSoldier
Enemies BLU Mafia

The Dove is a RED TF2 Freak co-created by Hellman604and Maximus4587.

Her theme is Mirror's Edge OST - Still Alive.


Born as Mirabell of the race of the speedsters, The Dove was the only daughter of a normal family in the speedster society of Speedsters The Town of 10 Speeds. As a speedster she loved the speed and fitness, despite for not being the fastest of all. In her youth she studied a lot and showed great interest in the history of the extinct race of the kintets, from where the speedsters evolved. However, a traumatizing event happened when she was 16, when the BLU Mafia tried to invade the speedsters' home world and both of her parents were brutally killed by the invaders.

Despite the fact that the BLU Mafia were thrown out of the speedsters' realm, the damage was already done. Sad and traumatized she couldn't stay and left her home. During her travels she met up with a group of travelling Synthets on their way back to the Synthez Warriors Hideout and joined their company. She fell for their leader, SynthetSoldier, and after a while of company-ship they fell in love. They are still great companions and partners in combat. She currently lives in Synthet Warriors Hideout and lives a happy life. But despite her current location she cannot forget her parents' death.

Personality & Behavior

She appears as a RED Femscout wearing a brown Sniper's Brutal Bouffant and Courier's Coat. Her main weapons are the Two-Handed Cannon and a Speed Sweeper. She is always calm and energetic, even in deadly situations.

Powers & Abilities

She can jump very high because of her regular exercise. That means she is not afraid of heights. Also she is fast and can get away from her pursuers easily.

After SynthetMedic accidentally casted a spell expecting to kill Dove, she gained a Synthetic Rage State. She transforms into an ubered version of herself. She gains inhuman strength and the strongest synthetic magic. Her angry side gains the control under her when she is very angered.

Faults & Weaknesses

In comparison to her speed, her durability is rather laughable.

Notable Videos

 Synthets Vs. Divider

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