The Mann In The Moon
Tf2 freak the mann in the moon by thecrossoverer89-d6y7luv
Creator TheCrossoverer89
Creation December 16, 2013
Debut Freak Idea
Type Angelic Warrior
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Friendly, strict
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Ghost-Like Powers
Moon Beams
Healing Troubled Souls
Superhuman Strength
Weaknesses Daytime
Status Alive
Occupation Defender of The Moon
Superiors Erzengel
Allies Dream Demoman
Enemies Evil Freaks

The Mann In The Moon is a WHT Spy and part of Erzengel's holy leigon. As the name suggest he lives in the moon, watching over the world as a look out for whenever unholy forces attempt to take the gmod-verse.

His theme is Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are You Now

Powers and Abilities

The Mann in The Moon wherever he goes radiates a soft white glow that can soothe the rage of animal-based freaks even the most brutal like the Heavydile. He also can fire powerful beams of energy called "Moon Beams" and also ranges with ghost like powers. But the most notable power is to heal a troubled soul. For example, when he found Nu-12 he rescued her from the boundary, however her hate for the world and all who inhabit it he saw was from the cancer of her nightmares of experimentation, he set all the souls from the Cauldron free, the ones her armor consumed were relased, and then helped her let go of those horrible nightmares by using his glow. The Mann in the Moon is also very kind, soft, and caring freak. He will feel for any tormented soul and will do what he can to heal their troubles and miseries. He saw Nu-12 as a "scared,angry,and frightened little girl." who needed healing,also he consoled her when she let go of her troubles and broke down into tears. He tends to avoid violence but when situations are dire or Erzengel is unable to assist, The Mann in the Moon will leave his post.