The Many
Arena offblast final0002
Headquarters The Classroom (Divider's Base)
Leader(s) Divider, the Mathiest Math Teacher
Senior Member(s) Omegamario89
Affiliation Math
Purpose Learning math

The Many is a group of rabid Divider fanboys who are trying to teach many people about math. They're even making the lunches themselves. They really didn't want to go though.

Also, they're just as stupid as that guy over at stupid fanon, so whatever.

This concept has been adopted by BurgerLord


Sometime after the incident involving the baking soda volcano, Divider kidnapped his students and made them think he was a "Radiation Deity" (even though he is just a math teacher), But the students didn't listen and that's dumb. Angered, Divider hypnotized his students into mindless beings by forcing them to watch his favorite mathematics education series. That's un-nifty.

Weapons and Equipment

Being a group of students, they certainly have their school supplies, like pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers, glues, text books, etc.

They also sneeze on their opponents to try to "infect" them.