The Pain Train Vagineer
Creation September 17 2015
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Shy
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Healing Factor Nullification
Double capture rate
Status Alive
Occupation Wanderer
Enemies Other Vagineers
The Original Vagineer

The Pain Train Vagineer is a Hotrod-wearing BLU Engineer TF2 Monster and a notable member of the infamous Vagineer species.

Personality and Behavior

This Vagineer is different from the other Vagineers in many ways. He is very shy and easily scared, and preferred to keep to himself rather than interacting with others. He likes to make friends with the other, but is scared to do so.

Despite his reserved, anti-social, and peaceful nature, he has a strong hatred for his other Vagineer brethren, and is not afraid of killing them (which is ironic since he is a Vagineer).

Powers and Abilities

The Pain Train Vagineer is so far the weakest of the Vagineers, his physical strength being about as great as Snipe's. He lacks the stock Vagineer abilities and as such, is stuck with the Pain Train, which is his favorite weapon.

However, he does has an unique technique, called Healing Factor Nullification. This power allows the Pain Train Vagineer to temporarily disables his opponent's regeneration powers by touching them.

Due to the nature of the Pain Train, the Pain Train Vagineer is also capable of capturing Control Points at double speed but suffers extra damage from bullets.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Unlike the other Vagineers, he lacks the stock Vagineer abilities, meaning that he cannot manually detach or regenerate his limbs, and as such, is more prone to die.
  • His personality causes him to become scared quite easily, which can lead to him panicking and making mistakes in the process.
  • The Pain Train's nature makes the Pain Train Vagineer vulnerable to bullets.

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