Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 9/24/16
Debut (2nd Version): Sovereign of Fire
Type Puppet Master
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Quiet
Abilities Puppet Summon
Can controll any wooden object
Weaknesses Power drain per summon. Not good at defending himself and resorts to hiding
Status Alive
Occupation Hunting
Allies His puppets


Enemies Captain Huzan

Toymaker is a RED TF2 Freak created by user Captain Huzan

His theme is Rain - La Song

Appearance and personality

Toymaker wears the Das Ubersternmann and the Graybanns

His puppets wear the Graybanns as well



Powers and Abilities

Toymaker is able to summon puppets at will, draining a bit of his energy per summon

He can use his puppets to make sheilds if someone is attacking them

He is able to control his puppets anywhere even if theyre not close by

Faults and Weaknesses

He loses alot of power when summoning, he usually summons stronger wood type freaks to protect him when he is "Recharging"

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