Undead Ape Heavy
20170704074318 1
Creator McBuster
Creation July 4,2017
Type Zombie Primate
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Arm-mounted minigun
Infectious Bite
Enhanced Strength & Durability
Weaknesses Low speed
Status Undead
Occupation Caber Pie's Pet
Superiors Caber Pie
Allies PRL Skinned Zombies
Enemies Texas Bacon

Undead Ape Heavy is a undead primate TF2 Freak concept by McBuster

Undead Ape Heavy's theme is Tank- Left 4 Dead

Appearance and Personality

Ape Heavy is a RED Heavy with significantly enlarged upper body and head, somewhat reminescent of a undead gorilla.

He is primitive and somewhat dull, and behaves like a non-intelligent animal. When infuriated, he attacks with vicious brutality

He is very vicious when is owner is harmed and will kill and infect those with is brutal strength.

Powers and abilities

Ape Heavy is inhumanly strong and sturdy, and uses his brutal strength to relentlessly pummel his enemies.

he also has an arm-mounted gatling gun, which he can use for ranged combat.

and in addition he can turn people into zombie with his powers bites and claws or sometimes by breathing at them.

Faults and Weakness

As it has been already mentioned, Undead Ape Heavy is dim-witted and easy to outsmart.

His attacks are slow and straightforward, and as such they can be dodged with relative ease.

Because of his fearlessness, he may get into a fight with a significantly stronger TF2 Freak and never think about retreating when the situation turns dire.


Undead Ape Heavy was created due to Ape Heavy being inactive for a long time and might be dead due to this video

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