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  • I live in The Space-Time Continuum
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Gmoddin'
  • I am YOUR GOD NOW (no, not really.)
  • BurgerLord That Random Person

    Welp, I think we've hit that point, guys.

    You can stop hiding ladies and gentlemen because THG has broke. Yes, I think we've pressed his buttons so hard that they fell off. He isn't even hiding behind his little closing threads technique. He isn't replying to anything that'd make him go off, he isn't doing anything really. I think he just gave up.

    So I guess the Saris Army has won. 

    EDIT: Nope, THG came back from the dead. We're still at war, guys.

    EDITEDIT: Nevermind, THG has broke for real this time.

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  • BurgerLord That Random Person


    If you've vandalized any of THG's pages, usually this idiot shows up, trying to get you to vandalize articles on other wikis.

    But fear not dwellers of the old concept wiki! I'm here to tell everyone who might fall for his tricks that it's...well, you know, a trick


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