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    "Need some help here!"

    January 3, 2016 by Icy guy2

    I'm basically creating the members of the THG conflict as freaks, but i need some help about which guy should be which freak. This is how far i have come:

    I decided to make a list of the people involved in THG conflict, if they were freaks. This list is based on their behavior and actions during the conflict. Please don't get offended by this, and please "correct" it if you thought that some of the details were wrong.

    Saris Team SarisKhan - Soldine (leader)

    Kugawattan - Orangman/Major Scout Guy (second guy)

    BurgerLord (also known as BurgerBoi) - Uncle Crusty/Panoman (tends to mock him)

    Me - Dr. Teeem/Madic (more direct)

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