Saris Khan

aka LordGalvatron

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Poland
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is English tutor
  • I am Male
  • Saris Khan

    Wiki Adoption

    December 24, 2016 by Saris Khan

    Hello. I'm SarisKhan, an admin on the TF2 FreakShow wiki and the founder of the associated TF2 FreakShow Concept wiki.

    Unfortunately, this wiki here is unattended. The sole admin has been inactive for several years and as such, vandals and trolls run rampant. This prevents any normal users who simply want to create Freak concepts from functioning normally. In consequence, I would like to adopt and fix this wiki.

    I will block trolls and remove vandalism. In addition, I'll provide a concise set of rules for ordinary users to follow, and supervise the wiki to make sure nothing bad happens to it again. However, mind: this wiki will remain different from the TF2 FreakShow Concept counterpart.

    There will be much fewer additional rules to follow her…

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