Sire Train

  • I live in In your basement as a depressed ****
  • My occupation is SFM Work
  • I am Male
  • Sire Train

    And yeah, i have pictures of already, even a test video of Mushuruu swinging a drill fowards. Sire has small debut at the end of my New Years video with headphones. It was a early design of him. But it will be in a sfm im wanting to do (5 minutes long) Yes. i am Victorlinear. Dont block me. Listen Saris and everyone. Im done using that account. Dont expect for me to go on that one again and i need some help here turning the freaks i still want to "Sire Train" i changed my youtube username after a long though. A person that sucked

    Scion (Kurei to Sire)

    A evil demon trapped in a helmet that can posses whoever wears it


    A transgender femscout that is a good martial artists


    A red heavy lumber jack

    (I went Court saying No)


    A toxic demo…

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